Liahona High School

Liahona High School

Liahona High School
PO Box 60
Phone: (676)-20214
Nuku'alofa, Tongatapau


In 1924, mission president M. Vernon Coombs obtained a property lease on which he started a school, called The Makeke school, meaning "arise and awake". It opened in 1926 and became the foundation for an enlarged school system in later years.

Much of the progress on the island has been through Church schools. The establishing of schools in 1892 and 1908 proved significant, and led to other schools starting. The Makeke School was the principal method of advancing the Church for many years. In 1974, the Church obtained the lease on a 275-acre plantation outside of Nuku'alofa not far from Makeke to build an expanded school campus named "Liahona". Liahona High School opened in 1952. Building the school represented the beginning of the Church's labor missionary program and probably the catalyst for expansion of the Church in Tonga. (Source: Church Almanac 2005)