Fiji LDS Church College


Fiji LDS Church College

Fiji LDS Church College
PO Box 1303
Phone: (679) 332-1888
Suva, Fiji

fiji college

As early as 1970, mission leaders in Tonga and Fiji were talking about opening a high school. Young Latter-day Saints needed the school, and President James P. Christensen and the Fiji missionaries believed that a high school would also assist Church growth. The school could also provide a much-needed service to the people of Fiji. Shortly after he became president of the Church, Spencer W. Kimball sent Commissioner of Education Neal A. Maxwell to Fiji to do a feasibility study. He, along with Alton Wade, who administered Church Schools in the Pacific at that time, made a positive recommendation to President Kimball. And subsequently the new school, the LDS Fiji Technical College, opened in a beautiful new campus in 1975. The College has since been renamed as the 'Fiji LDS Church College.' (R. L. Britsch. Unto the Islands Of The Sea)

Student Enrollment: 370 (Forms 1-7)
Faculty: 27 Faculty, 4 Administrators
Principal: Tiliica Malani
Assistant Principal: Michael Singh