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Where is the School of Education?
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Do I have to take a test to be a teacher?

  • If you are pursuing a Hawaii teacher license, then yes, you will have to pass a series of PRAXIS tests.
  • For international students, these tests are usually not required. But Home Country Requirements must be met. See the advisor.

When are PRAXIS tests offered?

  • Check out their website at Several of the tests are offered at the BYU Hawaii testing center.

How does a person get a teacher's license?

  • Actual teacher licenses are governed by each individual state. BYU Hawaii provides a Teacher Education Program which is a requirement for licensing within the state of Hawaii.

What if I am not planning on teaching in Hawaii?

We offer 3 programs:

  1. Undergraduate
    • Teacher Licensing with the Hawaii Teacher Standard's Board
    • International (with practicum & student teaching)
    • Non-Licensing (no practicum or student teaching)
  2. Post-graduate (often called our 5th-year program)
    • not a degree - leads to licensure only, available to Hawaii residents
  3. Education minor

For full details, please see the Academic Advisors