School of Ed

The purpose of the Teacher Education Programs in Elementary & Secondary Education is consistent with the goals of the institution found previously in the Overview section. The programs strive to present teaching skills in an orderly sequence providing students with opportunities to develop into teachers prepared to serve in various educational communities and environments.

Education programs have been designed to orient students with today's educational needs, present a history of school systems, and study the various philosophies of prominent educators. The psychology of teaching and learning is studied and applied to the curricula and methodologies utilized in present-day schools. Teaching skills, classroom management, use and production of audio-visual materials, with other skills necessary for effective teaching, are learned from hands-on experiences in the classroom. Supervision and observation of the student in classroom settings are provided by competent cooperating teachers in the public schools and BYU-Hawaii Adjunct Faculty who visit the classrooms on a regular basis.

Mastery of subject area content and teaching skills are measured during the courses taken as well as during the supervision of public school classroom activities. Standards set by the School of Education as outlined in Admission Procedures, as well as those of the Hawaii State Department of Education, must be met before the student will be recommended for teacher certification.